Towards change


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With recent mass layoffs across the tech industry, the dominant thought that came to my mind was that company is not a safety net. In fact, I realized there may no longer be a lifelong job or something that once you have you are settled for life. In this rapidly changing world, perhaps trying to find an unchanging, stable job is an easy pitfall that one can be trapped in. If I don’t change or grow as the world around me grows and changes, I will be left behind. It may sound unpleasant and disturbing, but from a different point of view, it can be liberating and exciting.

So how can I adjust to the rapidly changing world? What is the best strategy I can take? How can I avoid falling into a comfort zone and stop progressing?

Last time, I talked about inputs. I find this concept of “input” to be key to answering the aforementioned questions. Changing inputs to myself will be the best and perhaps the easiest way to continuously drive myself into the unknowns and constantly evolve and learn.

So what are some concrete measures I can take?

  1. Read books. Variety of books. Start with the ones that interest you the most.
  2. Watch youtube of people you want to learn from.
  3. Read the news. Keep up with the changes in the world. (Google news might be a good place to start)
  4. Learn new things: yoga, boxing, finance management (asset allocation strategy)
  5. Travel to new places every 2-3 months.
  6. Don’t put a limit on myself. Don’t define what I cannot do. Just try it. Verbalize what I think I cannot do or am not comfortable doing, and then face it directly.
  7. Start a business. It doesn’t have to be crazy big. Start with small ideas and test them out.

Is it possible to do all these things? If I have to choose and focus, how can I prioritize them? What can I deprioritize from the things that I’m already doing?

Next time, I will write on time management and the art of choosing and focusing.

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