On the things I love.

  • Towards change

    2023-02-08 • 2 minutes

    With recent mass layoffs across the tech industry, the dominant thought that came to my mind was that company is not a safety net. In fact, I realized there may no longer be a lifelong job or something that once you have you are settled for life. In this rapidly changing world, perhaps trying to find an unchanging, stable job is an easy pitfall that one can be trapped in. If I don't change or grow as the world around me grows and changes, I will be left behind. It may sound unpleasant and disturbing, but from a different point of view, it can be liberating and exciting.

    Personal Reflection
  • Reflection on inputs

    2023-01-28 • 2 minutes

    Everything I see, eat, hear, feel, and experience is input to me.

    Personal Reflection
  • My Tennis Tips

    2023-01-17 • 2 minutes

    ### Feel the racket tip

  • Lessons from playing tennis

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    2022-12-31 • 4 minutes

    The first time I learned tennis was when I was in elementary school. It never really sparked a serious interest then. I never thought I would become an avid tennis player. I felt like I spent more time picking up tennis balls than time actually spent in lessons because my coach would ask me to pick up other people's balls as well and the lessons were very short. I soon lost interest and forgot about tennis for many years, until I picked it up again during my military service.